Create to Destroy! All Punks Go For It

  • Published August 12, 2015 By Amelia
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Gurpaul sings in this band from Fresno called MUTANT ITCH.  They play the Bay all the time and I almost feel like they are a local band here in Oakland.  I really respect what the punks in Fresno are doing from MUTANT ITCH to Dark Raids Records.  I thought I’d find out more about this fest and how it all happened.  Gurpaul is speaking on behalf of Screaming Vomit to answer my questions about this mysterious one-day punk bonanza occurring in Fresno on September 19th.  See you there, punks!

What is Screaming Vomit???
Two members of MUTANT ITCH that got sick of the lack of punks gigs here and starting booking some! Also a Screaming Vomit zine is in the works.

All punks go for what?
IT!!! TOM AND BOOT BOYS!!! and the punk explosion that’s gonna happen in Fresno that day. So… ALL PUNKS GO FOR IT!!!

That’s right! …The middle of California, A small city between the Bay Area and Los Angeles. If you’re looking to play a gig or make some extra gas money while on tour I suggest stopping here. Our punk scene is pretty small but we always try our hardest to do what we can for touring bands and make sure they have a good time.

I agree—go play Fresno, Fresno has a small but strong punk scene and is not a bad drive from other California tour cities. Where should we stay?
Well, if you don’t have a friend to stay with, get a hotel room with some friends. it can be pretty cheap. Other than that you’re screwed. Last thing you wanna do is roam the streets of Downtown Fresno late at night.

What’s the weather like?
Right now its extremely hot, but in September I don’t know what its gonna be like… the weather here is so unpredictable.

What should we bring?
Your ticket! and enough money to party and buy merch with.
….and of course money to get the hell out of Fresno!

Can we trash the venue or do we have to respect it?  Basically, can we set off explosives inside?
Definitely respect the space. Its very hard for us to book gigs right now due to lack of venues and this brewery was nice enough to allow this sort of event to happen and its locally owned, so I have mad respect for them. The plus side is the bands are all playing outside! Haha

OK cool, I will try and behave at the venue…but not after the gig.  So, how’d you hook up with TABB?
Okay so that is 100% Human Double Face and Dark Raids doing (the same people that organized the WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? West Coast tour earlier this year).  Us that are apart of Screaming Vomit were originally organizing an all punk fest in early September. When Mitchell told me the dates for TOM AND BOOT BOYS we thought “why not do it all on the same day?” I called the rest of the bands to confirm everything and it just worked out perfectly.

Why is it important that you make physical flyers and tickets?
I’ve always been more stoked on a gig after seeing the flyer. The artwork, the list of bands, it just feels way more punk to have a physical copy rather than saving the image on your computer or whatever. When there are people in your city interested in punk but don’t use social media how else are you gonna be able to promote the gigs? Making flyers has always been important to me, it’s the true aesthetic of promoting punk gigs.

Tickets are good for the promoter, this way the promoter has money guaranteed for the touring bands before the show even starts and isn’t stressing out trying to make enough at the door. It’s also important for people who bought one because it’s your proof that you already paid. So don’t leave ’em at home!

I hope you let me keep my ticket after the gig because it’ll be going on my fridge next my ticket from this year’s Manic Relapse.  So, are punks coming from all over the USA?  All over the world?
I sure hope so… I mean we got bands from all over… I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Looks like all the bands are friends with each other and I’m glad to be friends with most of the bands…how do you feel being a part of our current international community?  I think what’s going on right now is fucking great!
It feels incredible! This is such a great time for punk.

What local bands are you guys in?  What local Fresno bands are playing?
I am in MUTANT ITCH and the other two locals are POGO VOMIT and CHAOS TRIBE. POGO VOMIT, the only Pogo punk band in Fresno, have a very similar sound to the late ’90s American street punk style. Expect to hear BLITZ covers! CHAOS TRIBE, a super fast noisecore band that sings in both English and Spanish,  a super fun sounding band to definitely check out while you’re here.


A one-day fest, eh?
It originally wasn’t gonna be… but we’re on the road the day before and after playing the LA and Oakland gigs… so we crammed it all in one day.

Are the tickets sold out yet?
Almost!! Tickets are selling fast!!

How can we get a ticket?
you can contact Dark Raids, They are in charge of ticket sales.

Do you think people will actually go to…Fresno?
Yeah I do. I’ve been hearing nothing but good things from people and I’m sure people know this is gonna be too exciting to miss out on. TOM AND BOOT BOYS, WKSJ?, EEL and some of California’s best all in one day!!!

Is Fresno that bad?  What is there to check out in Fresno while we’re there?
Honestly its horrible to live here but if you’re just visiting I recommend going to Dynamite Vinyl (record shop). They sell punk records and you can find just about any Capitol Punishment record you’re looking for. There’s also a vegan restaurant and a bunch of places to get your drink on right next to the shop.

You’re not adding any more bands, right?
Actually… A matinee gig has just been added so at 1:30pm ERRADICT and SUSS LAW from Portland will be playing at Dynamite Vinyl at 1476 N Van Ness Avenue.

Any last words, punk?
Thanks to all the Punks and Skins that support what we’re doing to keep punk alive in Fresno!!  UP THE PUNKS!!

(photo: Dale and Jocey of Capitol Punishment & Erika and Gurpaul of Screaming Vomit booking)
Dale and Jocey of Capitol Punishment & Erika and Gurpaul of Screaming Vomit booking