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Discos Enfermos

  • Published January 6, 2016 By Amelia
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I met Inti because he reached out to me with my label Nightrider Records. He lives in Barcelona and has a solid distro and label with many international punk releases. He supports a lot of international punk. He was also in ASFIXIA (Basque Country) and ALERTA! (in Barcelona). If you want to know more, feel free to email him at discosenfermos at gmail dot com and check out his website at

Discos Enfermos is just a distro? Or a label, too?
Discos Enfermos is together a label and distro that comes on the evolution on my past label/distro.


What other DIY labels are there in Spain right now?
There are many other labels, some with years on their back releasing and distributing great stuff. My nearest ones are Grita o Muere, Kremon, Trabuc, Crust as Fuck, Boston Pizza / Dead Moon… and there are some others working for years like DDT, In My Heart Empire, Metadona, Muerte a tipo, Against You, Discos Subterraneos,…and some others not existing anymore.

You live in Barcelona? Tell us about the scene there.
I live in Barcelona but originally I come from the Basque Country. Barcelona is bigger and has bigger movement, more or less because lot of people come here from everywhere. There are social centers, squats, bands…lot of things going on most of the time and also a lot of political people really working and fighting for prisoner rights, etc…

What are you past releases?
Actually I just released the reference #42 of Discos Enfermos (and craziest one at this point) that is COÀGÜL “Cobriu-me de Flors” flexi postcard (industrial noise/pop done by my good friend and great artist Marc O´Callaghan). Past releases are ATENTADO, DISKOIRÄÄ, METRALLETA, GOBIERNO MILITAR, AMENAÇA, BELGRADO, CRIMEN, PELIGRO!, PIEL Y HUESOS, DISTRABE, FINAL SLUM WAR, FRACASO, MÖRDARE, LOS CONEJOS, RAISER and VENGANZA (US), ARREST, CESIO 137, EYES OF CROW, SECT, ALERTA!, HHH (reisue of their 7″), MUERTE, SIEGA, GUERRA FRIA, RES, FZ10, URPA, VENGANZA (SPAIN), AUXILIO, PISSBATH, CADENA and POX (US).

What are you currently working on
Next releases are ZOTZ 7″ together with MassMedia Records in the USA (already at pressing plant) and next will be the SAD BOYS demo on 12″ record with some nice presentation, also working on MUJERCITOS 7″, VLTIMO IMPERIO demo and MUERTE LP (euro press) and some other things coming and waiting to confirm. I love to support the local bands that I like and that my friends play on, so probably future releases will be around this idea.


Do you distribute all over the world? How do you find record labels and distros to trade with?
Yes, I try to trade with everyone, usually people/label that I have done before or I know for years. Everyone interested taking on wholesale my releases also are welcome and I try to send stuff cheapest as possible. About mail order always getting orders from all over the world and sending.

IMG-20150404-WA0002 (1)Have you been doing this a long time?
Yes I think, probably since I start with my old label will be probably 10+ years on this- I’m 32 now!

Any tips and tricks to distros on packaging? Postal scams? Tips and tricks to keep records in perfect condition when shipping them across the world?
Not specially, the usual ones…as everyone, sometimes I suffer the disapointment of getting emails from labels or people who order records saying that they arrive broken or damaged…I can’t control the post workers. I use special mailing boxes for records and send them out of their sleeves to make them arrive in mint condition. I’m shipping 2-3 times a week several packages and very very few time happen any problem like this so I guess that I’m not doing so bad jejejeje.

I hear you. I feel like I live at the post office. Are you in a band?
Not currently, got some projects for starting a new band but actually not playing. I used to play in ASFIXIA (in Basque Country) and ALERTA! (in Barcelona). Both are bands which release something, also I had play in other bands in Basque and Barcelona but never releasing or even playing live.

Have you traveled Europe recently?
Not recently, last time was last year on tour with CRIMEN from Mexico.

What’s the state of Spain right now? Politically? The economy?
I could say that everything is fucked up and that is not true in the same way; there are going on some political changes but more or less are the same old fuckers with new faces, same old history, same shit with different smell. Inside this change I see that they start some years ago selling the “crisis” word to the reality of everyone, but that supposed “crisis” existed year and years ago. Everything is a lie, sometimes everything looks so fucking ridiculous that you will think that is a kind of reality show. Anyway, I don’t give a fuck about Spain because I’m not Spanish jajajajajaja- just a joke!


Is Barcelona (and Spain in general) a political punk scene?
I think it is, there are a lot of people doing things and fighting for so…I could say, with its good and bad things, that it is.

Have you been to any good shows recently?
Yes, a good thing of a big city like Barcelona is that most of the touring bands come here to play. Local bands are great and lot of times people go to see local band more than the touring band, we don’t give a fuck about a band just because is coming from the US jajajajaja. Last LA MISMA show was great and the last show I was with the local bands PIÁ‘EN, ROTE ZORA and LAMAX was simply AMAIZING. And really looking this Saturday to see DIE, PISS, ANASAZI and MEDICATION.

I bet that was a good show! Why do you think bands from Barcelona are so powerful?
Are as powerful as in other places, I don`t think Barcelona had the great secret. People in the last year is paying lot of attention in Barcelona and looks like all the bands here are the fucking best and the reference and is not like this. Of course are great/greatest bands here, and some other that are just bullshit or products that lot of people make them like the best bands. I had seeing lot of bands really great and nobody giving a fuck about them and some others created just for release, tour and be a great band. Until bands like GOBIERNO MILITAR or LOS CONEJOS exist I will be happy of being part of this.

What do you have to say to punks thinking about starting their own record label?
Nothing to say, everyone is already doing and making it as if their label is the most “selected” and “limited” so…anyone can do whatever they want…just don`t come tome and tell how to do things…

What about punks wanting to distro?
For me both things have a total relation, I can understand starting a label without a distro, but I always worked releasing and trading and when it comes to releasing and not trading I start seeing things in a different way. There are some great distros not working as labels so…everything is possible, just if you want to do it, go ahead!

Any last words?
Thanks Amelia for giving me the option of answering this questions, I don`t like the interviews because is just my opinion and should not be reference of anything…so don’t take so serious my answers. Also I want to contact the singer of MYSTIC INANE, that guy have a tattoo of the logo of my label jasuajsuajsuajsujausjaus…he should be the one having all my records once I die.