Create to Destroy! Floridas Dying/Total Punk Records

  • Published July 20, 2014 By Amelia
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MRR: When did you start Floridas Dying?
Rich Evans: It will be 10 years this coming January, and I’ve been doing Total Punk for about 3 1/2 years now.

What internet mediums do you use to do “business”?
The usual. My website, Discogs, the holy trinity of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also advertise on message boards like Terminal Boredom, and buy occasional ads in zines and fest programs.

What do you mean by “Floridas Dying”?
Whenever I go anywhere on tour people are always shocked to find out that we have bands down here and that we actually leave the state. People think we have nothing other than swamps, roller coasters, and golf courses. Florida’s Dying was a bit of a joke on that assumption. You can’t put apostrophes in website names so it got dropped.

floridas dying 2

What do you mostly specialize in?
Mostly punk, garage rock, some psych reissues. A few odds and ends. Mainly stuff I like.

How do you feel about the MC5?
They’re no Bob Seger.

Why Florida?
It’s where I’m from. I’ve been here my entire life and I love it. I sometimes toy with moving somewhere else, but I really have it made here.

What’s your community like?
I live in Orlando. Despite what most people believe, Disney World is not in Orlando. It is about 30 minutes south and has nothing to do with where I live. That being said, my community is awesome and just getting better. We have a large young population that is very active in the community. The area I live in town, all the bars, shows, restaurants that I want to go to are within walking distance. I only really jump in my car to go to the post office.

Shows here are awesome. Tons of young, enthusiastic kids going wild. People who don’t come down here because “Florida sucks” are really missing out. Most bands, once they make the trip once, change their mind about this place.

floridas dying 3

Who supports you?
I support myself, but if anyone would like to throw some money my way to pay my bills, feel free.

I meant, like, where does most of your business come from, but I’m all for being self-supporting! Do you get a lot of international orders?
Yeah, I would say about 30-40% of my business is overseas. The international shipping rates have put a bit of a damper on that, but I allow overseas customers to build their orders to save money on shipping. I think that has really helped keep my overseas customer loyal.

How do you feel the internet has changed punk and garage distribution?
The same way it has changed everything. Stuff is more accessible than it used to be. Bands can get the word out about themselves a lot easier. Touring isn’t as integral to the process as it used to be. Neither is advertising. It’s easier to stay in contact with your customers.

Do you distro in person or are you just an internet presence?
Yeah, I have a record store set up in my dining room and people come over and shop. Also, I’ll bring records out to shows or on tour.

How do you feel about internet personalities?
I hope to one day be one.

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How do you have such an on-point and good collection of rock ‘n’ roll? Were you born with good taste?
I’d like to think so. I just buy what I like. Sometimes some stuff I don’t completely dig slips through the cracks, but luckily not all of my customers have as good taste as I do, and the bad stuff slowly makes its way off of my webpage to never be ordered again.

Any exciting new releases?
I’m excited about all of them, but I have 12″s coming out for GOLDEN PELICANS and BUCK BILOXI this September, as well as new singles from CUNTZ and MIDNITE SNAXXX. Also, I’m putting the finishing touches on a BROKEN TALENT LP that compiles the tracks off of their lone 7″, cassette tapes, and some unreleased demos and live tracks.

Any last words?
Florida rules. If you live here and disagree with me either do something about it or move.