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  • Published December 31, 2014 By Amelia
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I know Yeap from him fronting PISSCHRIST and KROMOSOM as well as his killer label Hardcore Victim. Here is Melbourne, Australia’s Yeap for Create to Destroy

What is Hardcore Victim?
A DIY HC punk label, to put out local bands and friends’ bands from the overseas.

Where are you located? Do you think being in Australia has given you more access to Japanese bands?
Melbourne, Australia. I have many punk friends in Japan from the years of trading and band touring. The geographical positions of our countries definitely make it easier for us to visit each other.


The In Giu Sotto tape was a ripper! Hearing that for the first time was a memorable moment and I remember playing it for tons of people. How did you wind up doing that cassette? 
I released that tape to help promote ISTERISMO’s first Australian tour. It’s a burner!! I still listen to it a lot! Maybe I should do a repress?

You should totally repress it! What was your first release?
TEARGAS debut 7”. I never really planned to do a label. But they had no one to put out the record. Loving this band and wanting to share their shit with other punks was my motivation to start a label.

What releases do you have coming up?
SCABEATER EP, ISTERISMO 2nd 12″, R.I.P FUCKER, and others soon.

Where do you get your releases pressed? What about sleeves?
I get my releases pressed at United in the USA, or sometimes Samo Media with the help of Havoc Records. The covers are done at Imprint.

I love Imprint — they do a solid job and they are on top of their shit. Is it easier to release cassettes versus vinyl?
It’s easier to release cassettes but expensive to post. But tapes you can sell cheaper and can do smaller runs…so I guess it balances out. Perfect format for new bands. I recommend!

Do you think it is more expensive in Australia to have a label? How do you fund your releases?
Yes it is, because of the ever-growing price of postage. But in order to keep the price of wholesale low, I only have a portion of my releases (that I can sell) sent back here. I had some money that I used to fund the first few releases. Now the cash I get from each release funds the next.


How do you distribute your records?
My releases are distributed by Havoc, La Vida Es Un Mus, and Punk and Destroy, mostly. All the records are pressed and sent to Felix and he sends the designated quantities to the other parties and me. The rest get sold in the USA. Felix Havoc has been the backbone of this shady operation. I can’t thank him enough.

Do you do individual orders or just wholesale?
I only do wholesale at the moment because I’m very busy. Family life, band, daily life!

Do you distro or do you just have a label?
I just have a label. Sometimes I get a bunch of copies of trades, and I sell it to my circle of friends.

How do you feel about trades? Do you do trades internationally?
I trade when I like the stuff I’m trading with, but only in small quantities. I think trades are important, as a punk. It helps build bridges and communication in the punk scene.

Any last words?
Thanks for the interview! Don’t wait for a label to pick you up — do it yourself, punks!!

How can we best stay up to date on Hardcore Victim?
Read MRR and zines and keep digging those distro crates!