Create to Destroy! Reality Asylum

  • Published August 5, 2015 By Amelia
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wawaHere is Greg of Philadelphia, formerly in DEATH RATS, on his CRASS and DISCHARGE pins.  Q: And pins  A: And pins:
Reality Asylum, who are you?
I’m just a guy. This all started when I was searching for a metal CRASS pin and couldn’t find one. A friend and I were discussing how easy it is to have enamel pins made so I looked into it. I’m just making pins I want to have.
What was your first introduction to Crass?
I can’t pinpoint a first introduction. CRASS is one of those bands that is so ingrained in punk that they are a constant presence. I know the first time I heard them I wasn’t into it. It took some time to realize what a great band they are and that they have a near perfect aesthetic.
Why do you think “Reality Asylum” was such an important 7″ for Crass Records?
I don’t know if I have an answer for this. When I was trying to come up with a name for this thing, my friend came up with, “jesus died for his own pins, not mine.”  It’s hilarious.

What else do you do besides make pins?

I play music and skateboard. Both poorly.

Why CRASS pins?

I think it is the perfect logo. It’s iconic, It’s abrasive, and it’s cool. Also, it’s a circle. The best logos are circles.
I met David King who designed the logo.  It was neat, he lives in San Francisco and had an art show shortly after I moved to the Bay.  Can you break down the symbolism of the CRASS logo for us?  I think a lot of people miss the snakes and other imagery within the design.
There is a lot of things buried in the logo. It’s a cross with a cross-out through it that is a two headed snake. How cool is that? At first glance you don’t really see it all. I’ve read somewhere that the Ouroboros snakes are meant to represent that power will ultimately destroy itself. They could have gone with a plain anarchy symbol. Even when they used that, they made it their own. Their art is thought out and provocative. It’s great.

Where do you have them made? How did you chose this manufacturer?  What are the options like for people who want to design and make pins?

I just found a company online that makes pins. I Google searched “custom enamel pins” and so many websites popped up. They mostly make pins for companies, sport tournaments, and churches, but they can do anything.

Just black and pink for now?

At the moment. I liked the idea of having alternative versions of different logos. A pink CRASS logo sounded tight to me and they came out pretty cool. I don’t think I will do multiple colors for all the pins. Some images don’t lend themselves to color variations, others do. The next pin is a discharge pin in two colors, black and red.


A: Definitely. DISCHARGE has some great imagery too. These are of the face logo. It’s so weird looking. I love it.
Where did the DISCHARGE face come from?
Couldn’t tell you. I’m sure there is an answer for which record it was on first, but I just know it. I see it and I know “DISCHARGE”.
Any last words?
Fight war, not wars. The webstore is and I post stuff on Instagram too: @realityasylumpins. There is some other cools stuff coming up. Thanks!!