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  • Published August 21, 2014 By Amelia
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You may know Robin Wiberg as the drummer for DISFEAR, or from his Instagram account where he regularly posts his punk art. His drawings are stylistically very raw, which is fitting as he hails from Scandinavia, which is the birth place of “raw punk.” Here is an interview with Robin for Create to Destroy!



What was growing up like for you?
Well, I was born and raised in a small town called Nyköping, Sweden. My childhood was good, I guess, with secure surroundings and supportive working class parents. But when I got into my teens I outgrew my small town…having long hair, wearing studs, ripped jeans and Doc Martens was not very popular among the older raggare (greasers) and skins who beat me and my friends up on a regular basis and tried to cut our hair. I sang in my first punk band called REVOLT when I was 12, and later began playing drums in various punk and hardcore bands until I finally ended up in a band called DISFEAR. We started to tour Europe on a regular basis and we had a blast! During this time (1997) I met my wife-to-be, Linda, at a party with mutual friends (Jallo from NO SECURITY/DISCHARGE and his girlfriend). We moved to Gothenburg, then a few years later to Stockholm. Now we live in a house with our 6-year-old daughter and we are pretty satisfied with our lives.

Did you grow up listening to Swedish punk?
Yes, I did! The first punk band I heard was SEX PISTOLS, when I was around 11 years old. Before that I only listened to bands like KISS, Iron Maiden, Wasp, Accept and Mötley Crüe. I was totally blown away by the simple structures and the roughness in the Pistols and wanted to explore what punk was. Some older friends introduced me to bands like ASTA KASK and THE EXPLOITED. Then I discovered DISCHARGE (we called it thrashpunk at the time) and I couldn’t believe my ears! I was amazed over how fast they played and how raw as fuck and bleak the production on the Why 12″ was. After that everything came natural, and bands like ANTI CIMEX, TOTALITÄR and MOB 47 became my gods. I was going to gigs as often as I could, and I lived and breathed punk and hardcore.


When did you start drawing?
I started to draw at a very early age and drew very often as a kid, but when I was was around 14 years old I completely lost interest. It wasn’t until maybe a year ago when I rediscovered drawing and started to think that it was fun again.

What’s it like being a punk dad?
Well, it has its ups and downs for sure but it’s pretty awesome! I’m trying to introduce her to the scene and sometimes she likes the music I play and wants to “dance,” but mostly she’s like, “Why are you always listening to that angry music!?” Haha!

Does your kid draw?
Yeah, she draws more than me and she’s really good! I really enjoy the times when we sit down and draw together.


When did your art start mixing with punk?
In the 6th grade I think…I always drew punks and crusters whenever I got a hold of a pencil.

When did your art start getting recognized internationally?
Maybe a year or two ago when I started to publish my drawings on Instagram and the response was very positive. I work with mentally challenged adults that like crafts and to draw. So I am very lucky to be able to sit at work and draw at a daily basis.

What punk artist has influenced you the most?
I have to say Pushead. He’s art is close to perfect if you ask me. But I try to do my own thing!


Where was your art first used on a record release?
I think the first person who wanted to use my art was a guy called Martin (HERÄTYS, INSTITUTION). He wanted me to draw a picture for his hardcore/käng band named MISÄR-83. That release is not out yet though, due to his many other projects. The first band that actually released anything with my art on must have been WARVICTIMS. I have also collaborated with a couple of record labels who wanted my art for flyers/webpages/t-shirts and upcoming releases.

Where was your art last used?
The last commission was for a T-shirt design for the American band CHAIN SHOT.

What inspires your style?
The struggles in everyday life — the system, injustice, war, music and so on.

What are you currently working on?
I just finished a gig poster for the club Dead Rhythm with such bands as: DISTRESS from Russia, FREDAG DEN TRETTONDE, MYTERI AND UTANFÖRSKAPET. I have more stuff in the making but it’s to early to mention at the moment.

How can we best stay up to date with you?
If you need anything done for your band or label, you can email me at:
Check out my stuff on my Instagram account at username: fear_my_nerves

Any last words, punk?
This past year has been overwhelming with a lot of assignments from bands and labels who want to use my art for their releases. I really enjoy doing this, so don’t hesitate to contact me for whatever reason. Thank you for the interview, Amelia!