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  • Published June 4, 2014 By Amelia
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Teo HernÁ¡ndez lives in Spain currently and is in CIEMO, OTAN and FIRMEZA 10 and does Eskupe al Alkalde zine and Alta Intensidaz Tapes. Teo and I share many friends internationally and our paths have always cross from my randomly being assigned to review a zine he submitted to MRR or just exchanging lovely DIY punk mail. His tapes are a real pleasure as they have the quality of a thoughtful release with nice J-cards, fold-outs, and his signature artwork. So, to good health and anarchy, here is Teo…

When did you start releasing tapes? Was Mierda your first release?
My first tape release was in 1995. It was the Crude SS discography. Then I was involved in an anarchist collective called ZizaÁ±a — the members run a distro and Crude SS was our first release because all of us loved that band, their music and politics. This benefit tape was for anarchist actions.

After that I started a small tape label called En las Ramas Pollos Hay and I released punk and noise-shit bands, around 20 references were published, the most of them homemade shit. One of the cassettes was the second Mierda demo, released in 1995. 15 years later, Mierda sent me their new recording, so I thought it was the best time to keep releasing hardcore tapes on a new label.

Between En las Ramas Pollos Ha and Alta intensidaz I released the demos of DestrucciÁ³n, Otan and Firmeza 10 together with the members of these bands, our bands.

Teo_alta-intensidaz 1

Ever release on non-cassette format?
Not on Alta Intensidaz, but before that I’ve collaborated releasing the Proyecto Hombre, Otan and Firmeza 10 records.

Who do you use to release cassettes or do you self-release?
I thought to make around 200 or 500 copies of each cassette, so I decided to use a tape plant to make them, because I think the sound is better and look cool. I do the rest for myself with the help of the bands and some reliable distros. In Spain there is a long tradition releasing pro-copy tapes because in the ’80s the most of the bands were not able to do a good recording and proper vinyl release, so the tapes were the best option for hardcore and idealistic punk bands here. And they did their best releasing amazing pro-dubbed tapes with nice folder covers instead of an expensive vinyl. Aside of this you needed a license to press a vinyl in Spain; this is the reason because records like MG-15, GRB or L’odi Social were pressed in Italy.

Do you make and screen your own J-cards?
Yes. Usually I use a Riso print, and I make the copies for myself.

What do you do besides Alta Intensidaz Tapes? Zines? Flyers?
I’m trying to take part making a better world involved in anarchist activities, and sometimes I try building a hell for bastards that I hate. I try being the most self managed than I can, and about punk… I make the Eskupe al Alkalde zine. I do art and prints for bands, collectives and individuals too.

alta-intensidaz 3

I really loved the NIETOS DE PUTA tape! What have you released so far?
The demos of Mierda, Sentencia, DHK, Irreparables, System Defector, Angry Mob, Ciegos por odio, Nietos de puta, VolcÁ¡n, Miguel. And the international compilations: “Nuestra forma de pensar” and “Ke mal vivimos”.

Who are you planning on releasing next?
This week I’m receiving the Ciemo tapes, absolute raw, absurd, anarchist, violent and scruffy music destruction.

Tell us about the scene in Tenerife…
I spent close two years there, as far as I know there are not punk bands in Tenerife now (I’ve heard something about a weird hardcore band with the old Cisma drummer) but I’m not the best person to speak about that because I’m not living in Tenerife more and I have to admit some hard feelings after my life there. Anyway it’s a really nice place if you like leafy forests, amazing mountains and the ocean, but the humans are destroying everything every second in that African island. There are a million of population living in such small island, but it’s a hard place to start a punk or anarchist project because the big apathy. Meanwhile I was living in Tenerife I played guitar in Cisma, and was really difficult booking gigs, or make recordings if we didn’t use our four-track. We released 500 cassettes and just five were sold in whole Canary Islands. But it’s life probably I would have sold even less tapes in some areas of the mainland.

I just can recommend visiting La Tabona, a Squat in La Laguna city and meeting with Santi (Cisma singer) and Ammia, the two lovely punks around Camisetas El Destierro. If you want to know about the interesting Tererife old punk history is easy to meet with Familia Real, Escorbuto Cronico and Guerrilla Urbana members. But the best option is meeting with Ojotrueno, the Guerrilla Urbana and Cisma former bassist, he is always happy chatting with people about the golden years and he keeps playing punk and starting bands there.

What bands are you in now?
Ciemo, Otan and Firmeza 10. But it’s hard to have a proper run because we are living really far of each other. I’m living in a village in La Rioja now, the most uninhabited province in Spain and some friends and me are starting a new punk band.

Any last words, punk?
Thanks for your interest in Alta Intensidaz, muerte a la droga y viva el deporte, to good health and anarchy, ¡Hardcore radikal!

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