Create to Destroy! Total Punk Fuck Off Fest Vol. II

  • Published January 14, 2015 By Amelia
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Rich Evans of Total Punk Records is doing Total Punk Fuck Off Fest Vol. II on March 27 & 28th in Orlando, Florida. It will be Action Swingers’ first show in 11 years, the Achtungs are making the trip all the way from Finland, Lumpy and the Dumpers are gonna play, and there will be some returns from last year like the Manateees, Gary Wrong Group, and Buck Biloxi and the Fucks. No wimps, no crybabies! Here’s Rich…

What’s the dress code for your fest?
Chains, spikes and razorblades. No flip-flops and if you insist on having facial hair try to keep it neatly trimmed.

Who are you catering to under the “punk umbrella”?
Bands who are both total and punk.


What’s the weather like in Orlando in March?
By late March the weather is perfect. Warm days, cool nights. People are making their way back out to the beach. Spring Break 2015!

Last year was the first year, right? How was that?
Last year was amazing. Really well attended. People came from as far as England. The crowd was nuts, the bands were all awesome. Lots of late night drinking, sidewalk beer bongs, crowd surfing and wild parties. I had about 20 people crashing on my floor. I would consider it a success.

What lessons did you learn from last year’s fest?
Get all your flights paid for far in advance, that way you don’t miss the money by the time this thing comes; keep your cool and don’t throw beer at the Gary Wrong Group.

Any good stories?
Total Punk is a kind of fly-by-night sort of operation. It was hard to even get the first one together because so many of the bands on my label constantly break up,  rotate band members, are broke, are bad at communication. You know… punk stuff. Live Fast Die and Buck Biloxi and the Fucks had their first practices with their respective lineups three and a half hours before the show. Giorgio Murderer’s backup dancers didn’t show until 30 minutes before his set, and Golden Pelicans almost didn’t get to play because come set time our guitarist was at home passed out on his floor. I think that is the way this kind of thing should feel though. Like it could fall apart at any moment.

I love Live Fast Die. A lot. Forever. How will this year be different? Do you think the bands will be more with it this time?
Well for one we only have one band who is having their first practice three hours before the show this year. I pretty much organize this thing by myself so I’m trying not to take on more than I can handle and let this thing grow slowly. Last year we had 15 bands, this year we have 17. Plus I’m trying to put together an opening ceremony, and I’m working on program for the weekend. Hopefully this year will be even better than last. I plan on continuing to do these as long as it’s fun. Once that is no longer the case the Fuck Off can fuck off.

Lumpy and the Dumpers (photo by Jon Chamberlain)

Who are your headliners?
They’re all headliners in my book. This weekend is stacked, but Friday night we got the almighty Action Swingers closing things out. First AS show in 11 years, and we’ve got a star-studded backup band for Ned Hayden. The hate is gonna be thick in the air. Saturday night we’ve got St. Louis slime punks Lumpy and the Dumpers closing things out. I couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to close out the weekend. It’s gonna be a hot sticky mess.

Any after shows?
Yes there is going to be an after party Friday night with Sick Thoughts, Giorgio Murderer and Tight Genes. Can’t really say where it is at yet (secret location), but we have a venue set up that is near by, and there is talks of there being kegs.

Is it all ages?
The Saturday day show will be all ages, but the rest of the weekend will be 18+.

Foster Care (photo by Jon Chamberlain)

What are the venues like?
Shows will be at Will’s Pub and Uncle Lou’s. Both venues are within a block of each other on the Mills Strip. There are a bunch of other cool bars and restaurants within walking distance. Tons of amazing Vietnamese food. Uncle Lou’s is this awesome little dive bar that is a staple in the Orlando punk scene. Small room, no stage, cheap beer. Totally wild and lawless.

The night shows will be at Will’s Pub. Will’s is an Orlando institution and I’ve been going to shows there as long as I’ve lived in Orlando. Decent sized room, but not too big. Plus now they have liquor!

Also, no shows will be happening at Wally’s but it is worth mentioning. It’s a small bar/package store that has been open for 60 years. Surly bartenders, smoke filled bar, the cheapest, stiffest drinks in town, and right across the street from Uncle Lou’s and Will’s Pub. Basically it’s heaven on earth.

Buck Biloxi and the Fucks
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks (photo by Jon Chamberlain)

What should we pack?
I don’t think you are gonna need much of anything. Last year I spent the whole weekend in the same dirty clothes. I’d pack some airplane bottles, aspirin and a swim suit. Leave your moral compass at home.

Any surprises?
It should be an entire weekend full of surprises. Hopefully there will be an impromptu show or two, some late night parties, some pool crashing. And within an hour of all this we’ve got springs, alligators, beaches and roller coasters, so this weekend is pretty much whatever you want it to be.

Where can we stay?
A floor, the backseat of your car. Last year someone slept behind a dumpster. If you are looking for fancier accommodations the Travel Lodge in downtown Orlando is real cheap. It’s $60 a night, and only about a mile from the action. It’s not the Ritz, but I doubt you’ll be spending much time there anyways. There is also a Double Tree that is close by for the big spenders.

How can we get tickets?
Tickets are up at It’s $31.50 for a weekend pass on the site, or you can PayPal me a gift of $30 to and then neither of us has to pay any PayPal fees. The tickets are all hand stamped, and were designed by Nick Simich.

So affordable! Promo video?

Any last words?
Don’t be a chump, get your ass to the Fuck Off!