Create to Destroy! Vespera’s Falafel

  • Published September 24, 2014 By Amelia
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Eiji is an old friend from the Japanese punk band DSB. He currently plays in VESPERA and STEALWING. He had a vegan falafel food stall, but now he has a vegan restaurant in Tokyo called Vespera’s Falafel. He did it all in the name of punk and DIY. Radical (vegan) punks never die!

What is it like being vegan in Japan?
You can be a good chef or farmer soon. DIY is the best way to survive with being a vegan here.


Are there a lot Japanese punks vegan?
Absolutely no.

Why did you become vegan?
To be honest, without reason. Just imitate the style of my friends who visited me in Tokyo 2003. Then I found reasoning in it. I’m not a vegan perfectly, trying to be though.

One does not have to be perfect to make a difference. What advice do you have to other punks who want to become vegan?
Have fun. Don’t think too much!

How hard was it to open a restaurant?
It was not enough, even though I worked for it from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. I wished I could’ve had 48 hours a day. I played the rolls of a cleaner, a painter, a plasterer, a carpenter, a carrier, a buyer, a designer, a manager and finally a chef….while keeping up with two bands!

What are your most popular dishes?
Falafel hamburger and teriyaki soy chicken brown rice mixed with YAMAIMO potato mouse.

Why did you open a restaurant?
Punk rock is leading me.


Where did the name “Vespera” come from?
Esperanto language. I’m serving borderless hybrid world cuisine. Esperanto language name is match with that style. Starting with “V” came from the film V For Vendetta, also “veganism.”

Does Tokyo have other vegan restaurants?
Yes! More than it used to.

What bands are you in now?
VESPERA, which started before the restaurant Vespera, and STEALWING, with members from DSB, KRIEGSHOG, CROW and ABIGAIL.

Any good new bands in Tokyo?

How can we get in touch with you?
vegvespera.wordpress.comVESPERA’s Falafel is on Twitter (@KalaHenji) and Facebook. German language can be understood well.

If you want more on this restaurant, a recent Australian visitor did a neat piece on his blog here.

Arigato, Eiji!