Create to Destroy! with Laura Lint

  • Published May 22, 2013 By Amelia
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I met Laura Lint in Montreal through some chance of events, be it a Varning Fest or just on tour. She was always good for solid punk mail filled with her booze-and-boredom-inspired art, in between bouts of me longing to be back in Montreal, a.ka. Punk City. Her last package contained a self-portrait sticker of her, properly studded, holding out a can of cat food. She has sent me weirder, but I digress. Being a studded crazy cat lady myself, I thought I’d bring Laura and her odd craft-punk world to you all. Here is her blog and here is her interview, by Amelia…


Where in Canada did you grow up?
I was born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, in a town called Gibsons. It’s a short ferry ride from Vancouver, BC

Can you explain the Canadian welfare system to us a little bit?
Not really. In Montreal, the woman that met with me asked why I needed assistance. I told her that I might have to ride the bus ten minutes every day if I got a job, and for some reason she wrote me a cheque.

Why is beer so expensive in Canada?
On the West Coast it’s an “Everything Is Beautiful So Shut The Fuck Up About The Beer Price” tax. I don’t know about everywhere else, though.

Do you think the crazy winters lead to cabin-fever creativity? I mean, do you think part of you making so much cool shit has to do with the fact that you are stuck indoors?
Definitely! I just try to keep my brain busy during the slow hibernation months. I’m much more productive during the winter, and much drunker when the nice weather rolls around!

Buttons by Laura Lint
Buttons by Laura Lint

When did you start using resin and glass to create cool punk wares? What do you make?
I’ve been fiddling around with resin for a few years. I thought it was a cool medium but I had a hard time finding anything practical to use it for. Recently, I’ve done lots of customized bottle openers and keychains, but the pins are definitely the coolest. It’s nice to have something a little different on your vest! I have only just started messing with glass. I use it in much the same way as the resin, but glass can give a really cool magnifying fish eye look to the image underneath.

Do you weld metal at all?
I don’t, but I have always thought I would like it… Probably should have learned in Montreal when I had all the tools and expertise on hand!

Have your drawings been used for punk band releases? Flyers?
Most recently BELLICOSE MINDS used my drawing for their LP insert, and PROXY is working on a 7″ featuring a cartoon I did. I’ve done quite a few flyers over the years, and now that I’m in Vancouver, Foat just might have to share!

Can you please get me a Motörhead mug as a late birthday present?
Yes, but there’s a good chance it will be a picture of me marrying a young Phil Taylor.


I’m a Lemmy girl, myself…Tell us more about the cat self-portrait.
Remember the question about using art to escape cabin fever? This is an art/cabin fever/expensive Canadian beer head-on collision.

What was your first show?
Growing up where I did, DOA or SNFU were playing a show pretty much every weekend. On the other hand, so were DAYGLO ABORTIONS. We would just take our (really terrible) fake ID’s and hope that a punk bar would let us in!

What do you expect to do in Vancouver. You just moved, right?
We just moved into an amazing house in East Van with some great old friends. We call it Creature House, after the thing that lives in the roof. After a bit of settling in I just want to spend the summer enjoying the West Coast. Fuck, did I ever miss the mountains and water!

What’s the best way to contact you?