Create to Destroy! with Weird Luke

  • Published May 15, 2013 By Amelia
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Did you ever wonder who made those CRAZY SPIRIT action figures? Yeah, neither did I. I just judged it as total Youth Attack-eque garbage bag nonsense — until I found out it was Weird Luke! So, I thought I’d interview this genius punk. My first memories of him were from my days booking at ABC No Rio in New York City. He stood out — an awkward kid decked out in red plaid in a sea of soapy leather and studs. Here’s a mutant love story involving punk and resin, by Amelia…

Crazy Spirit action figure by Weird Luke!
Crazy Spirit action figure by Weird Luke!

How old are you and where are you from?
I’ll be 20 in June, and I’m from Gowanus section of Brooklyn in NYC.

Happy early birthday! How did you discover punk?
When I was eight, my uncle gave me a MISFITS CD for my birthday.

What was your first punk show?

What was the last punk show you went to?
CÜLO, twice, at the New York’s Alright fest.

Most memorable show ever?
Right before I moved to Philly for a year, I saw CRAZY SPIRIT and PERDITION play at a stupid venue called Secret Project Robot, in Williamsburg. When PERDITION started playing, Ian smashed the mic stand against the stage and threw it like a javelin into the crowd. From what I heard, it hit someone in the face. It was the perfect send off to a shitty year of cutting class and wanting to come home from art school. The bands played okay too, I guess.

When did you discover resin as a material you wanted to use to create?
Sometime in high school.


Punk shouldn’t be an excuse for poor quality, or a justification for exerting less effort, it should be the celebration of making something rad from the bare minimum of materials available.


How were you exposed to resin as a medium?
I had an internship with the bootleg toy master, Sucklord, in my senior year of high school. He taught me everything I know about toy making, and helped me make a ton of connections in the toy world. Check his stuff out at

What were the first few things you made with resin?
The first figure I made was a punk guy in a studded jacket saying “Fuck You” in sign language. The packaging was made to look like a shitty flyer. The next figure I made was a skeleton in a space suit. I called him “dead astronaut/cosmonaut.”

How do you get the colors that you use? Can you customize colors or do you have to buy resin in specific colors?
Both. You buy the pigments in basic colors and then you can mix them.

Weird Luke himself
Weird Luke himself

How did you wind up teaming up with Crazy Spirit to create the action figures?
I showed them a couple of the figures at a show and then a week later I asked them if they’d be cool with me doing a figure. They said, “You don’t have to ask our permission to do that, go ahead.” Another week later I showed them the final sculpt and made the mold the next day. Band’s generally give me free reign, but I try to keep a policy of making them take a good look at it before I make the mold, just to make sure everyone’s happy.

What other bands have you made figures for?
I’ve made a figure for PERDITION. I just released the one for the HAMMERHEADS and I’m doing one for SAD BOYS, but it hasn’t been released yet. I’m presently working on figures for DRAPETOMANIA, BAD NOIDS, WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?, and CÜLO.

How many did you make for Crazy Spirit?
At least a hundred at this point, probably more. I haven’t been keeping exact numbers, but it’s been quite a few. I’ve gone through three or four molds, and you get about thirty to fifty castings out of each mold, so that’s what I’m basing my numbers on.

Where can our readers get their mutant fingers on one of these figures?
You can see pictures of most of the figures at, and you can buy them at

Mutant Reich action figure by Weird Luke

Do you think they are a novelty item or a way of life?
For me they’re a way of life. I’ve been into toys for as long as I can remember, and I never really gave them up or got rid of them. I just started making my own instead of buying them.

Can punk be a novelty?
Punk is only a novelty if you aren’t punk. If a person is actually interested in and enthusiastic about punk, they don’t need to make excuses like, “Oh, it’s shitty because it’s punk.” Punk shouldn’t be an excuse for poor quality, or a justification for exerting less effort, it should be the celebration of making something rad from the bare minimum of materials available.

When are you going to get a motorcycle to match your motocross boots, Mr. Weird?
As soon as I learn to ride one, or as soon as I can get my hands on one. Whichever comes first, I’m not too picky.

What do you have to say about the future?
There’s too much future. North Korea had better get their act together, I’m getting sick of doomsday predictions that don’t pan out!

Last words, punk?
If there’s a figure you want that isn’t in the Resin Trash Distro, feel free to email me and we’ll see if we can’t work something out. And keep your eyes peeled, there’s plenty of new stuff coming down the pipe. Also, I got run over by a car this past weeks, so if you’re going to try and kill a mutant, invest in a tank and make sure to finish the job.