Fodido e Xerocado photozine

  • Published April 15, 2009 By Paul Curran
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fodido_e_xerocadoWe got a big treat in the mailbox recently. From Daigo Oliva and Mateus Mondini, two of the best current photographers in the punk scene, it’s issues 8, 9 and 10 of Fodido e Xerocado photozine outta Brazil. Lovingly packaged in hand stamped and screen-printed envelopes, this fanzine is the perfect confluence of honed artistry and off-the-cuff punk rock aesthetic. The zines are chock full of photos and more photos of punk bands in action, with these issues focusing on Europe and Brazil in 2008. If you’re an aspiring show photographer, you’d do well to check out these guys’ work. The subjects feel like they’re actually in motion, not just captured in motion, and the framing is so good, well, at times it’s almost too perfect. Fodido e Xerocado put out a book recently but it didn’t quite capture the vibrancy of their work. They deserve a fat coffee table volume with nice glossy printing, if you ask me…

The zine’s in all black-and-white, so it can’t showcase these dudes’ talent with color, but here on the internets we don’t have that problem… Here’s a couple of random pix from their extensive flickr pages.

Regulations (photo by Mateus Mondini)
Kalota em Manhein (photo by Daigo Oliva)
Kalota em Manhein (photo by Daigo Oliva)

My only complaint is that, apart from some photos of MASSHYSTERI and the cover of #8, the zine is a total dude-fest. Let’s see some more ladies in there, guys — we know they’re out there…

As a bonus, they sent me a split CD by Brazil’s MORTO PELA ESCOLA and Daigo’s band NAIFA. The graphics are cool and both of the bands shred! Thanks a lot guys, keep ’em comin’!