From the Vaults: Bread and Water

  • Published March 27, 2012 By Matt Badenhop
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BREAD AND WATER — Future Memories EP (Burrito Records 2000)

Let me direct you to your local record store used bin for a cheap score! That’s right — you don’t have to spend big bucks to obtain a classic hardcore record.

In the late ’90s — early 00’s BREAD AND WATER was the beacon for the Dallas hardcore scene. Marked by never ending, incredible, melodic guitar riffs, Amie’s direct vocal attack and trademark stage swagger, and a basic, driving rhythm section, Bread and Water stood out among the legions of punk bands across the world. They played a chief role in organizing shows and events in the Dallas—Ft. Worth area and did several tours of North America. Bread and Water’s politics are spot on (heavy on the animal rights) and they were always playing benefit shows. I do remember them getting some due recognition at the time, so by posting this brilliant EP I’m hoping to make sure that they aren’t forgotten. Listen to that triumphant guitar riff on “Remember” and tell me it doesn’t get you pumped!

Listen to/download BREAD AND WATER’s Future Memories EP:
“Cash for Houses”
“No Compromise”
“Death Sentence”
“Fear of God”
“Will Not Argue”

In addition to this EP, BREAD AND WATER also released these other great records:
Strength in Numbers EP — 1999 (self released)
split 7″ with Reason of Insanity — 2000 (Burrito Records)
split 7″ withRussian School of Ballet” — 2001 (Systemsuck Records)
s/t LP — 2003 (Burrito Records)
Everything So Far CD discography (self released)

They recorded their swansong “Void” for the compilation CD Women in Hardcore which accompanied the zine Short, Fast, & Loud #11 — and what a great note to end on before going their separate ways. Listen to “Void” here.