From the Vaults: Tim Yo and Martin Sprouse photos

  • Published February 4, 2010 By Hubbs
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This week we’ve got a different type of From the Vaults post. These photos were loaned to the magazine by former coordinator Martin Sprouse, to be printed along with an interview we ran for the 25th Anniversary issue in 2007 (MRR #291, available in Back Issues). I found them in a folder on my old computer last week as I was clearing everything off before leaving it on the sidewalk. Now you get to see ’em in color! (Well, except for the black and white one…)

Martin Sprouse and Tim Yohannan at the MRR House, 1987
Martin and two unidentified people, building 924 Gilman St., 1986
Martin interviewing Tim for Leading Edge fanzine, 1984
Martin and Bones (of 76% Uncertain), 1984