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Your Pest Band

  • Published October 12, 2011 By Life During Wartime
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Hey, it’s time again for our Life During Wartime interviews, where our home slices at the Life During Wartime radio show in Portland, OR, talk to bands who perform live in the studio… This time around they interview YOUR PEST BAND from Japan. And starting with this installment, you can listen to the bands’ on-the-air performance right here! Enjoy…

Your Pest Band (photo by Katie B)

(*A=Alec Holland, local punk Japanese speaker)

LDW: Alright! Exciting to hear all of the answers that they will say! First will you say your name and what instrument you play? Humito-san…

HUMITO: Hello, I am Humito Yamazaki and I am playing guitar and I sing.

SATORU: My name is Satoru Kiroda. I am playing bass. Yeah!

T-BOY: My name is T-boy. I am playing guitar.

MARU: My name is Maru. I am playing drums.

LDW: Very good. OK. Next question. What other bands do you play in in Tokyo?

H: I’m not playing.

LDW: Humito, only in Your Pest Band.

H: Right.

LDW: Satoru-san.

S: I’m playing other band. Name — Dog Hotel.

LDW: Doc Hopper?

H: H-o-t-e-l.

LDW: Oh, Dog Hotel!

All: Yeah!

LDW: Yes! And this band, which style of music?

S: (pause) uhh… killer dance punk.

(all laugh)

LDW: T-Boy-san, what other bands do you play in?

T: I am playing in Broken Mountain.

Your Pest Band (photo by Katie B)


LDW: Alright. Maru-san?

M: I am only in Your Pest Band.

LDW: Alright! Good job you guys! (all laugh)

A: You don’t need me at all.

LDW: We’ll see. Umm, what tours have you done?

T: Six days.

LDW: How many times have you been on tour?

A: (asks in Japanese)

T: Seven or eight times.

LDW: And every other tour is Japan?

All: Yes.

LDW: How is US tour different?

All: Uhhhhhhh (discuss in Japanese, speak in Japanese to Alec)

A: It seems the main difference is in the venues. Because in Japan it’s mostly Live Houses, there’s no house shows in America.

LDW: You mean Japan.

A: Huh? Yeah, yeah, no house shows in Japan. Sorry, had a bit to drink tonight. (Infest voice) YOU PUT ME ON THE SPOT.

LDW: Before we go any further would you like to introduce yourself?

A: I’m Alec. I lived in Japan for a year and am in no way qualified to translate but y’know, I’m the closest they got so…

LDW: It’s punk, it’s not supposed to be done correctly. Alright, so, this tour has been good?

Your Pest Band (photo by Katie B)


All: Yes! Awesome!

LDW: And what are the favorite places you have gone so far?

All: Ahhhhh..

LDW: Missoula, Montana? Best place?

All: Yes. It was awesome. Mmmmm.

LDW: Next question. Satoru-san, do you like fashion punks?

S: No.

LDW: Humito-san, fashion punks, you like?

H: I like. Cause I’m a fashion punks.

LDW: What? Satoru-san, fight! Next question. Your name Your Pest Band, why did you choose this name.

H: No meaning.

LDW: Is there meaning to your band, your lyrics, your life?

(ask Alec to translate in Japanese)

A: I don’t know how to translate, that’s a deep question.

LDW: Is there meaning in the lyrics?

A: I don’t know what meaning is so…

LDW: What are your lyrics about?

T: It’s not so important.

LDW: What plans to you have for the future?

H: I want to release the next album.

LDW: And when do you think you will release it?

H: I don’t think it, but…

T: Someday, maybe next year, we hope.

LDW: Anything else you want to say to the radio world?

(discuss in Japanese for a long time)

LDW: Alright so that was Your Pest Band… Oh, Maru-san, you have something you want to say?

M: Defect Defect drum, it’s easy!

(all laugh)

LDW: That’s the best dis I’ve heard all night.

M: Sorry Mike! Sorry Mike!

LDW: That was Your Pest Band, thanks you guys!

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