Monday Photo Blog: Grab Bag

  • Published December 13, 2010 By icki
  • Categories Photos

Another grab bag edition of ye olde Monday Photo Blog. Cleaning up some loose ends from submissions sent over the past few months. Dig it.

Dean Dirg @ Münster Breakout, Münster June 5th, 2010 (photo by Christian Kock)
Press Gang (last show) @ Münster Breakout, Münster June 5th, 2010 (photo by Christian Kock)
Screaming Females (crowd) @ The Ox, Philadelphia, 19 September, 2010 (photo by Leigh Ann Metzler)
Love Pork @ Genesee Valley Park, 21 May 2009 (photo by Kelly McBride)
The Sleaze Stacks @ the Taphouse Grill, Norfolk, VA (photo Beth Austin)

There are tons more photos waiting in the wings. If you’ve sent stuff in we’ll get at least some of your photos posted eventually. I’m particularly excited about a batch of photos Neil Rathbun sent back in fucking August, from Chaos in Tejas. A killer batch of photos that you’ll get to check out next Monday. Until then…

If you shoot shows and have photos you want to submit for the MRR Blog, send to: Be sure to put “MRR Photo Blog” in the subject. Include your name, the band, where and when it was shot. Just send your best photos — edit tightly. Three to five photos is plenty. We like to exercise a little quality control here…not everything sent in will be posted. Please size your photos so they are 600 pixels (72 dpi) at the longest side.