Monday Photo Blog: Myles Donovan

  • Published May 28, 2012 By Matt Average
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Being today is a holiday, why not take it easy for this  Monday Photo Blog and take another trip back in time when we had less responsibility, gas was somewhat cheaper, downloading was not even a idea that most knew of, and CDs were a popular format. Myles Donovan takes us back to the late 1990s with these photos of shows from around Philadelphia. I love that a band with a name like Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live is playing a church!

Brutal Truth at Actup Space, Philadelphia 1996. (photo by Myles Donovan)
Tribe 8 at Stalag 13, Philadelphia 1998. (photo by Myles Donovan)
Behead The Prophet NLSL at Calvary Church, Philadelphia 1997. (photo by Myles Donovan)
Dissucks at Fakehouse, Philadelphia 1996. (photo by Myles Donovan)
Dead Alive (with Stalag 13 venue promoters Mikey Brosnan and Billy Manzie) at Stalag 13, Philadelphia 1996. (photos by Myles Donovan)

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