Monday Photo Blog: Savage Lady

  • Published March 14, 2011 By icki
  • Categories Photos

Savage Lady from the Netherlands sent a nice batch of garagey photos in this week for the photo blog. Some from Holland, shot at the now-closed, legendary De Diepte club in Amsterdam, others from the good ol’ USofA.

Carbonas @ Beerland, Austin, TX, 2007? 2008? (photo by Savage Lady)
Digital Leather @ Beerland, Austin, TX 2008 (photo by Savage Lady)
CPC Gangbangs @ Longbranch Inn, Austin, TX 2008 (photo by Savage Lady)
die Rotzz @ De Diepte, Amsterdam, 2005 (photo by Savage Lady)
The Reatards @ De Diepte, Amsterdam, 2005 (photo by Savage Lady)

If you shoot shows and have photos you want to submit for the MRR Blog, send them to: Be sure to put “MRR Photo Blog” in the subject. Include your name, the band, where and when it was shot. Just send your best photos — edit tightly. Three to five photos is plenty. We like to exercise a little quality control here…not everything sent in will be posted. Please size your photos so they are 600 pixels (72 dpi) at the longest side.

EARLY WARNING: The Powers That Be at MRR and I have started talking about doing a new photo issue. This one will most likely focus more on people who were shooting in the early days of punk. If you know of any unsung photographers, undiscovered photo collections of punk bands from the late ’70s — early ’80s, or are just interested maybe in interviewing someone, drop us a line!