Monday Photo Blog: Tanner Douglass: The Photo Menace

  • Published February 18, 2013 By Matt Average
  • Categories Photos

From the awesome headline above I’m obviously thinking about Star Wars as I’m putting the Monday Photo Blog together, and sequels. Tanner Douglass is a consistent contributor to the illustrious MRR photoblog, so, again, sequels, and why not give a return visit from the mighty Tanner a sequel style name? . This time around he shares photos of Heartless from their European tour of 2012. I  think this is far better than the Star Wars: Phantom Menace (which absolutely killed the awesomeness of Star Wars for long time fans such as I). For more of the young Jedi’s… er uh Tanner’s work check out the tumblr site right here, May the force be with yüz.

Heartless the Gerber 3 in Weimar, Germany, October 6, 2012. (Photo by Tanner Douglass)
Heartless at Lintafabriek 82 in Antwerp, Belgium, October 11, 2012. (Photo by Tanner Douglass)
Heartless at Baracke in Münster, Germany, October 10, 2012. (Photo by Tanner Douglass)
Heartless at Onderbroek in Nijmengen, Netherlands, October 12, 2012. (Photo by Tanner Douglass)
Heartless at AK44 in Giessen, Germany, November 10, 2012. (Photo by Tanner Douglass)






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