Pirates Press releases benefit record for Bruce Roehrs Memorial Fund

  • Published March 23, 2011 By MRR
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Pirates Press Records, Longshot Music, and Maximum Rocknroll are very proud to offer this special chance to help our beloved friend Bruce Roehrs to be immortalized in San Francisco’s Columbarium, and be part of something that can hopefully continue to help effect music in the way Bruce did for decades.

The Columbarium is the one place in San Francisco proper allowed to be someone’s final resting place. There are no cemeteries in SF. This is a very special place, and a very special honor — truly one that a lot of us believe he deserves.

Bruce had taken people there and shown it off as a place of solace and peace for him — a place he unquestioningly appreciated. It is a very expensive proposition though, but one many of us, his closest friends, are very passionate about. If we succeed, he will be with many other people who have also shaped San Francisco.

Those of us who attended Bruce’s memorial saw that it is filled with the high and mighty of San Francisco’s past, and a load of characters who illustrate the vibrant scenes and cultures San Francisco always prides itself on… What the Columbarium still needs is an intelligent and thoughtful, tough as nails Rock N Roller — and Bruce is the perfect person for the job. Regardless of your religious affiliation, one can imagine and appreciate how Bruce would shake things up at that party… and how much he would enjoy it.

Furthermore, it gives Bruce’s family, friends, loved ones and fans a place to pay their respects to a man who was constantly showing his respect and love to everyone around him.

This project was started on a whim, because of the music. It in many ways exemplifies Bruce, and the effect he had on a music scene and the people involved. The Harrington Saints were all very close with Bruce, (as everyone who saw him front and center shaking a fist at one of their shows can attest to) and share deeply in our passion for making this record successful. Booze and Glory, who knew of Bruce and had read his columns in MRR, (without intention) wrote the song “Swingin’ Fuckin’ Hammers”, which essentially sparked all of this. Hearing it, we felt it was Bruce — as it is many of our hardworking brothers and sisters — but him especially!! We hope you agree.


ALL proceeds from this record will be donated to the Bruce Roehrs Memorial Fund to secure his place in the SF Columbarium. Any additional funds will be used to help organize Roehrs Records, a record label in Bruce’s honor, run by a coalition of his friends, to promote unsigned bands he would have been a fan of and whom would have most likely never been given a chance by anyone else. Through his column in MRR, Bruce was the unheard voice of the little guys and the underdogs and he made it his mission to make that voice heard. Through an annual release on Roehrs Records we can all help him to continue to promote and discover new music to be excited about!!