Adventures Close to Home

  • Published October 13, 2009 By Layla
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I went to see the Raincoats play a couple days ago. My old band played their first reunion show in 1993, when the first LP was reissued on corporate overlord Geffen for some reason (otherwise known as Kurt Cobain). Sixteen years later their first LP has just been reissued again by Kill Rock Stars this time, I believe it’s vinyl only. Anyway, they played this weird post-punk revival show with Viv Albertine from the Slits, and she joined them for this song. I always go to reunion shows with a heavy heart, you know, do you really wanna see a bunch of middle aged people reliving the past? It’s like a theater performance sometimes, like Civil War enactment displays, where both the audience and band are playing the part… Anyway, the Raincoats were refreshingly shaky and charming, reminding me of why I loved that first LP so, and this song exemplified some weird alchemy for me at least…