Record of the Week: Aquarian Blood

  • Published June 9, 2015 By Layla
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artworks-000109720744-f2slk4-t500x500AQUARIAN BLOOD — “Savage Mind” EP
Super sick falling apart lo-fi destruction! Punk as fuck doomed cult sounds for those looking for something new to devote their lives and wallets to…The title track is somewhat like POLY STYRENE fronting a frantic bargain basement SCREAMERS!! Tyrannical tunes!! Featuring humans who used to play/currently play in NOTS and EX-CULT so you know what you need to do. Apparently this is a 7-piece band! Or is it a duo? Either way this 45 is the soundtrack to the end of time. Buy or die! Someone send me the cassette(s). (LG)