Record of the Future: ANTIMOB LP

  • Published September 11, 2012 By MRR
  • Categories Reviews

Here’s a double demo review from this months MRR, by Robert Collins and Matt Badenhop respectively. This 7-song ANTIMOB tape may be impossible to find by now (maybe not though!), but it’s more of a preview of the band’s upcoming LP anyway, so keep your eyes peeled for that in the near future!

Second demo from this Greek powerhouse, ANTIMOB blow the Eurocrust paradigm out of the water. Definitely rooted in modern melodic heavy hardcore/crust, but with healthy nods towards raised Japanese fists, this is a short teaser before their forthcoming full length. Raging from start to finish, this is nothing short of pure excellence—if they were from Japan or the States, the band’s name would be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Mandatory.

— Robert Collins

This is an absolutely crushing effort by this long running Greek hardcore band. The songs on this tape seem to flow as some kind of continuous hardcore journey or something—it just keeps moving, never letting up. No copycatting, gimmicks, trend following or tribute bullshit on this tape. Just pure, honest, passionate hardcore punk with galloping drums, tense/memorable riffs, a gritty and convincing vocal attack and an underlying darkness lurking throughout every song. There is nothing pretentious or superficial here. If you are looking for some generic D-beat, noise-not-music “raw” punk, goth/darkwave throwback, INFEST worship, bands singing in languages they don’t know just ’cause their favorite bands sing in it, “anarcho” bands who aren’t anarchists, or any of the other stale, overdone sub-genres of punk, look elsewhere. As I understand it, this is a demo recording of their upcoming LP. Judging by the sound of this tape, I predict that the ANTIMOB LP will be the best hardcore record of 2012. I’m so fucking tired of trendy sounds and images. Give me more ANTIMOB! Yamas, boys!

— Matt Badenhop