Record of the Week: CADAVER EM TRANSE LP

  • Published December 16, 2014 By MRR
  • Categories Reviews

Based in SÁ£o Paulo and featuring members of RAKTA and SPEED KILLS, this is a refreshing take on goth-inspired post-punk that escapes some of the vampirical trappings that tend to mark this style. I’m reminded of CHRISTIAN DEATH, but with the driving quality of KILLING JOKE. The vocals, however, sung both in English and Portuguese, are unmistakably and aggressively punk. For me, there is a certain musicality characterizing Brazilian Portuguese punk vocals and I can’t help but compare the singing here a bit to CÁ”LERA. My favorite track thus far is “Inverted,” where the infectious guitar lead woven through the whole length of the song strikes a delicate balance between chorus-tinged goth and the delightful jangle of surf punk. The rhythm is quite varied and takes the listener on a journey through hammering beats and slower, more experimental percussion. Everything comes together with groovy bass lines and intriguing soundscapes/effects: totally multidimensional and awesome. The record is well packaged too, featuring an insert with all the lyrics and some incredible artwork.
(Dama Da Noite/Nada Nada Discos)

—Lena T, MRR #380