Record of the Week: COMPLETED EXPOSITION Structure Space Mankind LP

  • Published December 10, 2013 By Robert
  • Categories Reviews

These maniacs were on the West Coast this past summer, so I pretty much knew what to expect when I dropped the needle…but holy shit is all I can say. A fastcore/powerviolence masterpiece of the highest order, COMPLETED EXPOSITION blasts through twenty tracks on this one-sided slab. Hyperactive Japanese thrash and crushing lows that serve to do little but give you time to breathe before the next installment of fury. I cannot imagine how a band writes this shit; dual vocals and song structures that absolutely defy comprehension. It’s almost impossible to mindlessly rock out while listening — Structure Space Mankind demands complete concentration. This is mind-melting otherworldly psychedelic grind, futuristic fastcore, a legitimately amazing wake-up call to an entire subgenre. “We will continue to search for insatiable quest for Powerviolence. Advance to the next stage, advance to the new dissonance world.” (625 Thrash/Psychocontrol)
—Robert Collins