Record of the Week: CONCRETE CROSS LP

  • Published August 27, 2013 By Jason Halal
  • Categories Reviews

Concrete_CrossJeezus, I really wasn’t expectin’ this. When I saw these guys in NYC a few years back, they didn’t really knock my socks off, but this LP sure does. Unlike the current crop of NY bands, CONCRETE CROSS includes folks who have been at it for more than a few years. And it really shows, because there’s a lot going on in these songs—searing leads, nuanced song structures and some cool interplay between the instruments—yet they execute it with a raging dexterity that few hardcore bands (in the States, at least) can match. I’m reminded of a number of metallic- yet-thoroughly-punk bands of old—particularly Animosity era COC and Return of Martha Splatterhead era ACCUSED (especially the vocals)—but no comparisons really hit the mark, as the complete package shines with a personality all its own. CONCRETE CROSS may not be one of the cool bands in New York’s fast-paced—and, dare I say, trendy?—punk scene, but they’re excellent and I hope this review sees them getting recognition for this impressive LP. (Man In Decline)