Record of the Week: DAVIDIANS Night Terrors/Gimme All Yo Dope 45

  • Published March 24, 2015 By MRR
  • Categories Reviews

These are some freaky-ass tracks right here. From the label that brought you WHATEVER BRAINS and BRAIN FLANNEL (and a host of other outta this galaxy shit) comes the DAVIDIANS single. When the needle dropped and those groovy, angular bass licks kicked in I was mesmerized. Straight up, a sound that would make GANG OF FOUR blush (then curse for not doin’ it in ’79). The vocalist is the epitome of the snotty frontman. Dude is all nasal. Sounds like he hasn’t blown his nose in a month. And while this dude is screamin’, the guitar is pretty much doin’ its own thing. At points they meet up and play together but really, I feel like both stringed instruments are reading off entirely different music sheets. I feel like these folks get some of their cues from the more angular post punk acts like PIL or the freakier WIRE tracks, but with way more of a focus on speed and obnoxious delivery. I had to listen to this record a couple of times to get some sort of hold on it, and I’m not sure I even got it. I just know this record is great. Very stoked to listen and re-listen. Buy buy buy! For fans of: Staring directly into the sun, adventures in abandoned mine shafts, and skipping prom.
(Sorry State)

— Max Wickham