Records of the Week: DEATHCAGE and DEPHOSPHORUS LPs

  • Published October 28, 2011 By MRR
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DEATHCAGE — Plague of the Rats LP
Hot damn, hooked from the first song. I very much enjoyed the DEATHCAGE EPs, and this is more of the same incredibly epic, fist-pumping Japanese hardcore-meets-epic metal a la the almighty DEATH SIDE. Every fucking song on this platter, even the lesser ones, has a part that cries out for the horns or a bit of air guitar. Sure it’s derivative — so fucking what? The more important point is that it’s fucking great! Got a metal friend who thinks punk is all untalented noise? Put this bastard on and laugh right in his fucking face. Everything on here, from the phenomenal leads to the brutal just-this-side-of-metal drumming to the massive gang choruses is so fucking on point it’s ridiculous. By all rights this should be appearing on a number of “best of the year” lists. Flat out fucking awesome. (Agipunk)

—Andrew Underwood

I absolutely love when I get a record to review, have never heard of the band yet within seconds of dropping the needle I’m floored and headbanging. DEPHOSPHORUS are onto something here. DEPHOSPHORUS is a three piece from Greece. Their sound is unique in that it is somewhat a mix of the older German metalcore sound and grindcore but with some electronics added. Every track sounds huge. It’s hard to believe this is just three people. “Collimator” could be a heavier BURIAL YEAR. “Continuum” has a slight metal leaning. “Dephosphorus” has more melodic guitars, has slower moments and more obvious electronics. The album has a cosmic or space and time theme throughout the lyrics. Wow. (7DegreesRecords)

—Mike Howes

Reviews taken from the November issue of MRR — available HERE.