Record of the Week: DESTRUYE Y HUYE Oscura Sociedad EP

  • Published December 30, 2014 By Layla
  • Categories Reviews

I loved this band’s demo, so I was psyched to see this EP in the review pile. Hits somewhere between FERTIL MISERIA and the NURSE! Tough and vicious — the totally sick, blown-out guitars, commandeering vocals, and rumbling, threatening rhythm section all conspire to sound like they’re gonna fall apart, but really, they know exactly what they are doing and it’s a savage punk attack destined to mutate minds everywhere. DESTRUYE Y HUYE‘s lyrics are dark and reflect an alienated existence, a GREG SAGE meets ESKORBUTO reality. The music is crude and primitive; it all reflects the existential reality of modern life. Angee’s vocals are so raging and cool, so charismatic, they totally take it over the top. I hope these women tour the West Coast ASAP! The insert has a cool, almost poster quality to it, really iconic and classic punk looking.
(Verdugo Discos)