Record of the Week: Flesh World

  • Published June 24, 2015 By MRR
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a0857245988_16FLESH WORLD — “The Wild Animals in My Life” LP

I should probably disclose that FLESH WORLD might have already been my favorite San Francisco band before I heard this record. So I may be going into this review a little biased. But who among us wouldn’t be? Even you, reader, have probably been acquainted with them already, by last month’s interview in this magazine for instance, or maybe through their frequent appearances in monthly and yearly top-ten lists here. For the new record I would have been perfectly satisfied with eight tracks that sounded like their debut 12″, but they’ve taken steps to change things up here. For one, guitarist Scott Moore adds some synth textures to a few songs here, which within the scope of Don Pyle’s production is perfectly subtle. If you have a friend who decries the presence of any synthesizer as New Wave and False, don’t tell them; they may not even notice. If you’re less insecure in your punk predilections, you may appreciate the oscillation between the desperate drive of “To Lose Me” and the WAKE-like textures of the title track. Everything you love about FLESH WORLD is here; Diane Anastasio’s minimal but forceful drumming, Moore’s florid guitar leads, Jess Scott’s 12-string jangle and uncannily catchy melodies. We’re all significantly bummed out about this band’s potential hiatus, with their drummer moving away, but as the last track slowly shifts into some minimal electronic snaps and clicks we can at least retain some hope of Jess and Scott starting the only post-punk techno project that really matters, right? In their interview here they discussed what continues to make San Francisco a place worth living in, but their music itself makes a pretty strong case. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: get a 12-string guitar and leave everything else behind. (Eli Wald)

(Iron Lung)