Record of the Week: FRAU Punk Is My Boyfriend EP

  • Published September 23, 2014 By Layla
  • Categories Reviews

FRAU write songs like the inside of your brain — fragmented, wild spurts of genius and disgust, an embodiment of the freedom that punk could be but rarely ever is. Frantic and charged, like the first NURSE flexi meets “Girl on the Run” but with a TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS “fuck you” swagger. In short, yes, this band is the first, last, and best — the only punk band. They’re totally falling apart, but so fucking together at the same time, you could dance to this or collapse to it. It’s got this earth shattering quality, the feeling of a million ideas, but also a sneering nihilism… London really does have the coolest bands right now. I think every member of FRAU is in at least three other bands I love, and yet they still make this essential.
(Static Shock Records)