Record of the Week: GENERACION SUICIDA Todo Termina LP

  • Published November 4, 2014 By MRR
  • Categories Reviews

This band has done a lot in its three or so years, and I think it just keeps getting better. They play catchy, sped-up, undistorted melodic punk steeped in the late ’70s, but with a hardcore urgency — a style that seems to have had more of a following in Europe this last decade than in the US (to our detriment, in my opinion). That said, I’m stoked that GENERACION SUICIDA has caught and maintained people’s attention and praise despite these inhospitable conditions characterized by hardcore fever. Hailing from the predominantly Latino area of South Los Angeles, their songs are all in Spanish. However, more than Spanish punk, their sound draws from Sweden’s the VICIOUS (as the band name would suggest), though the music is also comparable to AUTISTIC YOUTH, NEON PISS and YOUTH AVOIDERS. I really dig the infectious guitar leads on this record. My favorite track is “Rechazados por la Sociedad” — very, very catchy, melancholic punk, just the way I like it, with a chorus that reminds me of GORILLA ANGREB. Their lyrics in general deal with alienation and frustration with their surroundings—this song specifically references LA’s marginalized poor and homeless populations. My mind immediately goes to Skid Row (Sweden doesn’t have one of those!), very real. The record contains a dope fold-out poster insert with all the lyrics. Don’t sleep on this one!
(Going Underground)

— Lena T