Record of the Week: ISTERISMO Vittima del Confuzione: 2005—2010 LP

  • Published September 15, 2011 By Justin Briggs
  • Categories Reviews

What can really be said about this wild bunch? First off, I think that people who say ISTERISMO sounds like WRETCHED, or DECLINO, or IMPACT, etc., are just confused or have never heard those bands. Maybe there are some lifted riffs hidden in there, but if you can point me to someone that can pick any riffs out of this fuzz, I’ll eat my hat. (Not really, I actually don’t care one bit, so…) Yes, they are fast, and yes, they sing in Italian, but these noisy Japanese punkers have a sound all their own. Bottom line is that this band plays awesome raw hardcore that fits in with the whole blown-out, violent, roaring sounds that the shoelace-headband set of neo-hipster noise crusters are all aflutter over these last few years. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because this scene (in Japan especially) has produced some of my favorite wild hardcore records in recent years, and the ISTERISMO EP Non Puo Sopprimere il Mio Conflitto—which is collected on this here LP—is one of them. This discography LP, also contains their trax from the Deny the Report vol. 5 CD, Yotsuva, and Hardcore Inferno comps, their first demo, split tape with TERROR, and a live cassette. There’s a lot of music here and very little variation, so if hissing feedback, screaming maniacs, and unrefined walls of noise hurdling at you at 100 miles per hour isn’t your thing, steer clear, but for me it’s bliss. (540 Records)