Record of the Week:
MAUSER End of the Line EP

  • Published February 23, 2011 By Mariam
  • Categories Reviews

Oh shit! This record slays! Straight outta Gainesville, FL. Alright, here’s what we got: throaty and pissed vocals, with more scream and less growl, that are blown out with some reverbed and echoed effects. MAUSER has a SKITSYSTEM feel, with lyrics are about hopelessness and how a shitty job and 9-to-5 will kill you. I am a sucker for powerful drumming, and theirs is driving and simple, but with some really precise fills. It’s just as methodical in precision as Swedish stuff, but more balls and anger than study.

This sounds much like FRAMTID and a less blown out DISCLOSE, with similar guitar squeals. The leads are simple. No dick stroking here, just straight up, menacing disgust — not intended to impress, just intended to maim. Sludgy, but not indecipherable bass that might throw off your heart beat. The track “New Threats” is fucking psychotic.

This record has all the raw and anger that got me into punk in the first place. Yes, they like DISCHARGE, but they are honoring, not aping. Well done. Get this record. (Vinyl Rites)