Record of the Week: MORBO De Baja Calidad LP

  • Published September 29, 2011 By Mariam
  • Categories Reviews

So stoked to see a full length from this Peruvian punk band, who I first noticed on the BRUTALES MATANZAS compilation also on the Cintas Pepe label. The first track reminds me of my favorite song by SORELLA MALDESTRA with the robotic effect filtered vocals at the beginning. This the sound of really early punk with some slightly fuzzed out basic guitar leads and mid tempo drumming and a bass that follows the drums building a solid rhythm section. The songs are reminiscent of a lot of REVOLUCION X, specifically in the vocals and in the sentiment of “I’m Making My Future With the Border Patrol,” but not in speed or the “tuca-tuca” drums of the aforementioned band. This band argues that good punk is really good rock’n’roll, and any track on here could be on the Solo Para Punks comp from Mexico on Cobra discos — I mean in quality, sound, lyrics, song structure… In other words, this sounds like old punk, more informed by los SAICOS than LEUSEMIA as far as Peruvian comparisons, yet still very original. The lyrics are snotty, pissed and political, in a funny “fuck you” and rudimentary way. MORBO is obnoxious and fresh while still being able to harness the spirit of creativity, regardless of skill, that old punk is so amazing for. So fucking good, pretty crazy, and totally fucking punk. Primordial punk… If you don’t get it, you are a chump. (Cintas Pepe)