Record of the Week: MUCH WORSE Absolute Nightmare EP

  • Published May 27, 2011 By Dan
  • Categories Reviews

Best record of 2011 so far. Imagine GOVERNMENT WARNING and ATROCIOUS MADNESS joining forces, and you might get something resembling the fusion of catchy song/riff writing and raging abrasion that is this record. MUCH WORSE puts forth fist-clenching riffs that are melodic and intricate, yet twisted and evoking of sadistic thoughts, all backed by someone who sounds like he’s laughing while telling a sorrowful tale. If this wasn’t enough, they clearly know how to write memorable songs that go somewhere, and the production is burly and raw without being unnecessarily noisy, which gives it this killer sound that’s loud and abrasive but also clear. Please do a West Coast tour so that I can rage at your Bay Area show and then follow you north and/or south. (No Way Records)

[Reviewed in MRR #337 — out now!]