Record of the Week: Nervosas

  • Published September 9, 2015 By Greg
  • Categories Reviews
Oh my fucking god, I wish this record had a lyric sheet! NERVOSAS returns with the always-dreaded second LP and manages to not blow it. You can chalk this success up to solid songwriting, over the top musicianship from every member and a truckload of energy in every song. They do that dark punk / chorus pedal / WIPERS-influenced thing super well…but don’t call it goth! They manage to make every song interesting and memorable. I’ve always thought that this band was excellent live, but left something to be desired when it came to their recordings, but this LP has me changing my tune. If you’re feeling fatigued from the current onslaught of dark punk that might as well be lumped in with JOY DIVISION and wanna just get back to losing your mind to sick ass punk bands, you’ll wanna track down this LP. No weak moments. All tracks. Plus, their drummer used to play in GAUNT sometimes and he’s probably one of the best drummers in punk today. (Greg Harvester)