Record of the Week: NO FAITH Dead Weight EP

  • Published November 25, 2014 By Will Blomquist
  • Categories Reviews

More complete life annihilation from Western Mass, NO FAITH deal in harsh, sludged-out powerviolence, bookended by passages of haunting industrial noise. Featuring most of the same membership as VACCINE (still my favorite straightedge band of all time, sorry nerds), their knee-deep pedigree also includes time in SQRM, ORCHID, AMPERE, and RELICS along with countless others. Some referents from the powerviolence world would include, well, VACCINE, or at times perhaps a totally scummed-out IRON LUNG, but there’s an oozing quality to the production that puts this in a whole other world of sonic nastiness. Lots of MOSS-worthy amplifier worship for those of you who know how to get down, revisiting some of the same territory explored in vocalist Will Killingsworth’s drone/doom solo project the TOLL. The noise segments are fantastic on their own terms and complement the music perfectly, never once feeling like an add-on or afterthought. Honestly, this is just the best shit.
(Clean Plate / Vendetta)