Record of the Week: No Form

  • Published August 11, 2015 By MRR
  • Categories Reviews
NO FORM — 12″
I must sound like some kind of sycophantic anglophile the way I’ve been raving about UK hardcore lately, but something is really happening over there. Apparently this thing that is happening is not limited to any particular major city, but is happening all over the island. I have been told NO FORM are from up north and maybe the cover photo is indicative of exactly where. Either way, this is a band after my own heart. I’ve seen reference made to certain hardcore bands alongside certain early industrial / post-punk bands I hold in the highest esteem, but really all you need to know is that this record is a complete fucking beast. The A-side contains four quick stompers accented by noisy effect-laden guitars and off-kilter rhythms while the flip is a side-length filth-dirge that really hits the proverbial spot. Just a two-note bass plod accompanied by manic guitars, pounding drums, cavernous rantings, and a mutilated saxophone. This is not for everyone, but those who are prepared to dare will be rewarded with endless delights. (Jon Kortland)
(Muscle Horse / Reagent)