Record of the Week: NÁœ-KLÄ’-ER BLAST SUNTAN The Wheel of Fate Is Turning EP

  • Published May 29, 2012 By Mariam
  • Categories Reviews

Well, punks, here you have it! A kick-fucking-ass EP! I have been laying in wait for something new by these Georgia punks, as I have been into this band since I first heard their Blot Out the Worthless Sun LP and saw them live. These songs are fast and brutal with some truly sick growled mean vokills—the lyrics are not cheery…weird, huh? I guess if I had to break this down to its simplest description, this is dark, fast, crusty, punk with nods to psych rock, black metal and some truly fucked up version of bleak Southern sounds. Their style combines often badly-done genres touched on in punk, yet NÜ-KLÄ’-ƏR BLAST SUNTAN rolls them into some truly creative and exciting tracks. The guitar work is fucked up and weird, like this guy learned how to play guitar listening to HAWKWIND on the wrong speed (yeah, everyone has said that about this band, but listen to this for reals!), with a warped record on a turntable belt that was a about to give out. There is order to the song composition here, but not one that punks are used to and all the formulaic shit that keeps these tracks together is obliterated by the unpretentious creativity of this band. These songs will take you to sonic places you didn’t know you even liked. Fuck yeah. Love this. (SPHC)