Record of the Week: OMEGAS NY Terminator EP

  • Published April 13, 2012 By MRR
  • Categories Reviews

This is how you do it. Sometimes I think one of the hardest things to do in the context of the current punk scene is to be in a good hardcore band that stands the test of time. Not a generic replication of something that happened thirty years ago; that’s easy. I have so many records I had to buy that now when I flip through my 7″s I can’t even remember what the fucking band sounded like. Records that blend into one by bands that were probably fun to be in, whose friends remember the good times, but… five minutes pass and they are gone. When a band like OMEGAS comes along, who are playing a particular genre/style of HC, sure, but who can actually write songs; who bring to mind a certain era of NYHC, yes, but have their own take, their own personality. The vocals are unhinged, the riffs are classic but fucked up. Their LP ruled my turntable last year and I can’t stop listening to this 7″ either. Savage, mutant yet straight-ahead, relentless destruction — no pose, just fucking HC for the HC. Get this and the recently reissued New Breed comp and join the cult. (Painkiller Records)

OMEGAS – “Fevered Freedom”