Record of the Week: OVENS Feel Like Shit EP

  • Published September 16, 2014 By Greg
  • Categories Reviews

I’m guessing that this (almost) ten-year-old recording is just now seeing the light of day because Tony Molina’s solo shit has recently been blowing up. Whatever the reasoning, I’m glad to hear it because this shit rules. OVENS is a San Francisco band that Molina and friends have played in for years that, like Molina’s solo work, incorporates the best elements of the FASTBACKS (one of the best bands in the world) and THIN LIZZY while smashing them down into bite-size bits. The results are some phenomenally catchy, shred-tastic jams. The instrumental outro on the A-side sounds like a direct rip-off of the BEATLES song “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” which is fine by me since that song is sick as fuck. If you like guitar-heavy, super-pop FASTBACKS-worship, you’ll wanna snatch this up if you see it. First pressing is gone, second is rumored to be on the way.