Record of the Week: S.H.I.T. Generation Shit EP

  • Published August 12, 2014 By MRR
  • Categories Reviews

Originally intended to be together on a LP, this is the second of two EPs S.H.I.T. has released in 2014, and boy, is it a scorcher. Furiously driven as much as it is restrained, this manic hardcore outfit sucks you into their realm of downstrums, metronomic drums and shrill squeals as they spew their branded way of making punk in your face. Two guitars with the fastest picking imaginable, making sure you hear the full extent of each riff, filling out the sound perfectly. The drums pierce through the high frequencies of the guitars and vocals, keeping hard time better than you ever thought possible. As with the first EP, the sleeve is a full-size poster with artwork by the very underrated Jaybo. Get this, own this. (Lengua Armada)

— Kat Smith