Record of the Week: Slugga

  • Published June 17, 2015 By Greg
  • Categories Reviews
SLUGGA — “Parasite/Shaved Heads”
This record rules. Stupid, short and direct. “Parasite” is so fucking catchy and punk and perfect. I think my only complaint is their singer sounds a little like Lumpy (of the DUMPERS), but that’s not a big complaint. All that aside, the fucking song is an instant classic and I won’t be surprised when it’s featured on Killed By Death #125 in 2053. “Shaved Heads” slows down just barely and it’s the perfect song for an idiotic creepy crawl through a stupid fucking basement show. Sloppy, but not too sloppy, punk…the kind of shit you wanna hear first thing in the morning before you spend the day punching fuckheads in the face. (Greg Harvester)
(Total Punk)