Record of the Week: STRIPMINES Sympathy Rations EP

  • Published May 13, 2011 By Jason Halal
  • Categories Reviews

Goddamn, this is one heavy and hateful record. Unlike many of their contemporaries, North Carolina’s STRIPMINES avoid easy categorization, opting instead for a mix of hardcore styles that is simultaneously simple and complex. Throughout the record, they balance fast, downbeat hardcore Á  la TOTALITÄR and crushing, mid-paced mosh parts like WASTED TIME to brutal and refreshing effect. (Both of these comparisons come from the Sorry State description, but they really are very appropriate.) What I like most is that the entire band contributes something unique that makes each song stand out from the pack. The vocals are uncommonly harsh, the drums are tight and rough, and the bass lines and guitar leads (especially on “Turn My Back,” which is probably my fave on here) are creative and unique. If you’re tired of records that go nowhere or recycle the same ideas, this is for you. Highly recommended. (Sorry State Records)