Record of the Week: YOUNG CONSERVATIVES 12″

  • Published January 13, 2015 By Allan McNaughton
  • Categories Reviews

YoungConservativesInteresting debut EP here from this band made up of 1990s UK punk/hardcore vets. YOUNG CONSERVATIVES comes out of the gate wearing their politics on their sleeves, but it’s not trite or clichéd political hardcore. These are the angry ruminations of disillusioned older punks. Like many of us, they find it hard to be optimistic about the political future despite the small positive gains that have been made. The backdrop to the disenchantment takes the form of six tracks of somewhat melodic, yet heavy, mid-paced hardcore. It’s an enjoyable maelstrom of LEATHERFACE, ROLLINS BAND, DAG NASTY, and FUCKED UP. The FUCKED UP comparison is most strongly felt in the vocal delivery, mainly because the vocals take the form of hoarsely shouted complicated political diatribes, rather than the more tuneful singing you get with the likes of DAG NASTY or even LEATHERFACE. Great stuff, I look forward to hearing more.
(Obscene Baby Auction)