Reissue of the Week: Blast

  • Published June 10, 2015 By MRR
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BLAST — “Damned Flame/Hope” EP
Teeheehee. I think I got the sleeper grail this month. I been hearing little dudes chatting up the chatrooms on this early ’70s Belgium proto-bonz these last couple months, I guess the OG 7″ gets dat fancy Euro coin when it pops up on eBay every other five years. The cover is uber crude mystery skull with green eyes, what else do you need to know?! Oh yeah, the music. I had to review some other French “proto-punk grail” a couple months ago but I don’t even remember what that noise was called. BLAST is
Thee Shit. Heavy as fuck, right where most ’70s proto jams cannot deliver—this shit is hella doomy overblown unrelenting proto-metal, proto-punk, proto-kick-your-skull-in aggro business with broken Engrish that may as well be from Japan circa 1983. If you are not convinced, you just need to crank the volume up. Super ill fold-out photo/history booklet tops it off. Sick!! (Graham Booth)
(Death Vault)

(technically sold out at the label but check distros!)