Reissue of the Week: Broken Talent

  • Published July 30, 2015 By MRR
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BROKEN TALENT — “Rules No One” LP
Fuckin’ sick! Most KBD fans I know have a real soft spot for Florida’s BROKEN TALENT, even tho their classic Blood Slut 7″ EP came out in 1984, a full two years after the industry standard KBD cut-off of 1982. It’s gotta be one helluva classic to get KBD golems to pay more than $40 for a 7″ EP from 1984 this side of the QUEERS. Imagine my shock to discover there’s a whole fuckin’ LP worth of BROKEN TALENT material. Well, I guess if I was a lil’ more in tune with my mid ’80s punk cassette game, I’d know the BROKEN TALENT “album” came out in 1985 on their own TPOS label. Oh well. This thing is sick, disaffected punk rock, just rough enough to keep the hardcores interested, with enough tuneful hooks to get stuck in the punks’ heads, in the same way that early RED CROSS (O.C.) was the best band that ever existed. Wish the cover art was a little less abstract, I’m worried some people who really need to hear this won’t! (Graham Booth)
(Florida’s Dead)