Reissue of the Week: Moskwa

  • Published June 25, 2015 By Matt Badenhop
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R-6466736-1419942500-9033.jpegMOSKWA — “Nigdy!” LP

I couldn’t be happier holding this long overdue reissue of MOSKWA’s awesome 1986 cassette. This recording sees them at their most ferocious. Blazing tempos and high-pitched and insane sounding guitars give MOSKWA a sound of their own among other Polish punk heroes like DEZERTER, TZN XENNA, POST REGIMENT, and REJESTRACJA. The chord progressions and snarled vocal melodies on here indicate a strong talent for songwriting. The recording is so hot and raw and grips me in such a unique way. The default pace is so fast and furious, but then these strong mid-paced songs like “Za Kratami” and “Problem” really stand out as the best. This high-quality reish comes with a nice looking booklet containing translated lyrics and lots of great photos of these guys and their big hair. You don’t need every one of those gazillion reissues of every obscure ’80s punk release, but you really do need this one. (Matt Badenhop)

(Warsaw Pact)