Rattus Finnish Hardcore cassette

This tape contains a lot of stuff off previous Finnish releases, plus other songs sung in English. Some of the cuts are in the funnypunk vein, but most have a truly killer thrash attack. These guys will be in the US soon, so find out why you’ll want to go see them. The incredible song translations are alone worth the price.

Raw Power Live in the USA 1984 cassette

Six shows from RAW POWER’s first US tour last year. Needless to say, it’s another excellent representation of this powerful Italian metal/thrash outfit. Watch for ’em on tour again.

Terveet Kädet Knock Out cassette

This tape features a selection of live tracks by TERVEET KÄDET, most ranging in sound quality from fair to good. Remarkably, though, I liked the power of these performances much better than the ones documented on the live side of the Black God album; so, this cassette could prove an interesting addition to your TK collection.

V/A Car Crash Music cassette

A new one from BCT with CHALLENGER CREW, FEAR ITSELF, YOUTHQUAKE, SUBTERRANEAN KIDS, and other quality acts. A great tape and it helps this dedicated bunch to get out of debt. Buy now.

V/A First Strike cassette

Nine bands from all over the US are featured on this compilation tape from a new alternative label. Most of them are in the thrash vein—the CLITBOYS, VIOLATION, the VATICAN COMMANDOS, POISON CENTER, the SKOUNDRELZ, EAT THE RICH, and CULTURAL BREAKTHROUGH—but MR. EPP appears to provide some humor and variation. Good show.

V/A I’ve Got an Attitude Problem EP

BCT bounces back with a hot EP featuring Italy’s WRETCHED and RAW POWER, Sweden’s MOB 47, QUOD MASSACRE from Yugoslavia, SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS from the UK, FUNERAL ORATION from Holland, and PSYCHO from the US. Get this one!

V/A We Can Do Whatever We Want LP

At last, the best of BCT’s cassettes. Quite a ripping collection of live and studio stuff, this LP includes European and North American bands. Some of the bands included are: RAW POWER, PSYCHO, RATTUS, TERVEET KÄDET, CCM, WRETCHED, DETENTION. A real testimony to Chris’s perseverance and dedication; I hope this will be the first of many vinyl efforts.

V/A Kaaos Zine Presents cassette

A Finnish-US effort (being sold in the US by BCT, in Europe by Kaaos). The US entries are ENTROPY, SPASTIC RATS, and CAUSTIC DEFIANCE, while from Finland hails MASSACRE, PRAVDA, and POLISTVALTIO. All I’m gonna say is HOT! Some of these bands never sounded better.

V/A I Thrash, Therefore I Am cassette

Most of the bands here are from Scandinavia, with a smattering from the UK, Germany, and Belgium. There are anywhere from one to nine tracks each by such manic luminaries as MOB 47, EXISTENZ, ANTI-CIMEX, MODERAT LIKVIDATION, MOTTEK, ENOLA GAY, AKUTT INNLEGGELSE, and several more.

V/A Spanish HC cassette

Six bands share this compendium of Spanish hardcore, including the likes of ULTIMO RESORTE, SHIT S.A., and MG-15. R.I.P., however, shame their competition with 13 ripping live songs in a well-orchestrated thrash style; their tracks alone make this compilation especially attractive. Give it a listen!

V/A Brain of Stone cassette

23 bands from all over the world contribute to this compilation, though a sound problem on the first side (is it just my copy?) works against some of them. First-rate efforts by the ACCUSED, NOT MOVING (from Italy), YOUTH KORPS, VICIOUS CIRCLE (from Australia), and Denmark’s DISRESPECT make for some rousing moments; el Demento award goes to HAPPY FLOWERS for “Mom I Gave the Cat Some Acid.”

V/A Ahhh… Italian Punk!! cassette

There are tracks here by nine excellent Italian bands, including CHELSEA HOTEL, SHOCKIN’ TV, TIRATURA LIMITATA, EU’S ARSE, NABAT, DARK RIDE, PEGGIO PUNKS, CCM, and ROUGH. Hey, pasta punx rule!

V/A Eat Me cassette

This compilation highlights some southern California bands (WHITE FLAG, KILLROY, and the WALLFLOWERS), and includes others from Tijuana, Mexico (SOLUCIÁ”N MORTAL), Seattle (DERANGED DICTION), and the Midwest (NO RESPONSE, CORRUPTED SERVICE). Most of this stuff gnaws your speakers apart, so eat this one up before it eats you.

V/A Last White Christmas vols. 1-2

Two more high-quality cassettes from BCT that further their effort to give more exposure to international bands. These were recorded in Pisa, Italy, just prior to 1984. Tape #1 is a C90 with nine bands. Most of them thrash away in a frantic rage, with those classic demented Italian wails, but one band (the USELESS BOYS) are in a ’60s garage mold. Other groups include BRONTOSAURI, RAW POWER, the WAR DOGS, JUGGERNAUT, STATO DI POLIZIA, PUTRID FEVER, the DEMENTS, and AUSCHLAG. Tape #2, a C60, highlights the CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS, I REFUSE IT, and TRAUMATIC. A must for the international collector.

V/A Music on Fire cassette

Though released by an American label, this tape features some of Italy’s most awesome bands. There are plenty of cuts each by 5° BRACCIO, RAW POWER, the WRETCHED, INDIGESTI, STAZIONE SUICIDA, RAPPRESAGLIA, and CRASH BOX. A great introduction to a lot of hard-to-get material at a cheap price.